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Last Update April 14, 2019 -  Newly Listed Sets of Dailies!

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Welcome to my homepage of Newspaper Comics & Paper Collectibles! Many of you know me on EBAY as OldSundayComics a dealer in rare, original newspaper comics. Occasionally I also sell collectible comic books,  Magazines, old newspapers and other paper collectibles.

After many successful sales - I've been asked for more!  Here's more!  My full inventory of Newspaper Comics that I have available for sale is right here.  I am constantly adding more items so check back from time to time.    If you do find something you like - see at bottom for ordering instructions.

Now - Two great Websites! - 10 Sections of Paper Collectibles: - 10 Sections of Comic Books:

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Main Titles - Sundays and Dailies
Buster Brown & Other Titles by RF Outcault Little Jimmy & Other Titles by Jimmy Swinnerton
Little Nemo & Other Titles by Winsor McCay Happy Hooligan & Other Titles by Frederick Opper
Bringing Up Father & Other Titles by George McManus Count Screwloose & Other Titles by Milt Gross
Misc. Other Sunday Comic Titles 'A'-'Z' Dick Tracy Kin-Der-Kids Right Around Home
Misc. Other Dailies Comic Titles 'A'-'Z' Dixie Dugan King of the Royal Mounted Ripley's Believe it or Not
Abbie an' Slats Dolly Dimples Krazy Kat Room and Board
Ace Drummond Donald Duck L'il Abner Roosevelt Bears
Alley Oop Dondi Little Annie Rooney Sambo
Archie Don Dixon & the Hidden Empire Little King Seein' Stars
Barney Baxter Don Winslow Little Orphan Annie Skippy
Barney Google Drago Lone Ranger S'Matter Pop
Batman Dumb Dora Mandrake the Magician Smilin'Jack
Beetle Bailey Ella Cinders Mark Trail Smitty
Betty Elmer Mary Worth Smokey Stover
Betty Boop Etta Kett Meditations Snow White & 7 Dwarfs
Beyond Mars Famous Fiction Merely Margy Spirit (The)
Blondie Felix the Cat Mickey Finn Star Wars
Boob McNutt Fineheimer Twins Mickey Mouse Steve Canyon
Boots Flash Gordon Miss Fury Strange As It Seems
Brenda Starr Flyin' Jenny Moon Mullins Superman
Brick Bradford Fritzi Ritz Mopsy Tailspin Tommy
Broncho Bill Gasoline Alley Mr. & Mrs. Tales from the Great Book
Bronc Peeler/On the Range Gene Autry Rides! Mr. Twee Deedle Tarzan
The Brownies Girls Mutt and Jeff Ted Towers Animal Master
Brutus G-Man Nancy Teenie Weenies
Buck Rogers The Gumps Napoleon Terry & the Pirates
Bugs Bunny Hairbreadth Harry Nebbs Thimble Theatre - Popeye
Bungle Family Harold Teen Our Boarding House Tillie The Toiler
Buster Beans Hejji Out Our Way Tim Tyler's Luck
Buz Sawyer Henry Passing Show Tiny Tim
Captain & the Kids Invisible Scarlet O'Neil Pa's Son-in-Law Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn
Captain Easy Jane Arden Peanuts Toonerville Folks
Casey Ruggles Joe Jinks Peter Rabbit Toots & Casper
Charley Chaplin's Comic Capers Joe Palooka Pete the Tramp Twin Earths
Charlie Chan John Carter of Mars Phantom Uncle Remus
Chief Wahoo Johnny-Round-The-World Pogo Possum Uncle Wiggily's Adventures
Clarence Jolly Jingles Polly and Her Pals Walt Disney's Treasury of Classic Tales
Connie Jungle Jim Prince Valiant Wee Willie Winkie's World
Dan Dunn Secret Op 48 Just Kids Private Lives White Boy
Dark Shadows Katzenjammer Kids Radio Patrol Winnie Winkle
Dennis the Menace Kerry Drake Red Ryder Misc. Other Sunday Comic Titles 'A'-'Z'
Dick's Adventures in Dreamland Kewpies Reg'lar Fellers Misc. Other Dailies Comic Titles 'A'-'Z'

Ordering Instructions:

Ordering and Payment - All prices are quoted in US $.  Orders should be E-Mailed to am@OldSundayComics.Com.  Orders will be confirmed via E-Mail to sender.  Order confirmation will hold items for 7 business days on domestic orders, 10 business days on US-Foreign orders.  Only US$ Money Orders,   checks drafted on US banks, or Paypal payments will be accepted.  Cash also accepted, however, I am not responsible for cash lost in the mail.  Unconfirmed orders may be partially or totally unfilled based on item availability, so please E-Mail first.   To avoid sleep disorders - no phone orders will be accepted.

Shipping - Buyer is responsible for exact postage + a flat $1 for extra-large packaging if ordering full-size pages.  I use US Postal Service.   Domestic packages:  Priority Mail (optional insurance available at cost).   Foreign packages: Small Package or Parcel Post.  Shipping costs will be included in the order confirm, the buyer has the option to withdraw the order based on shipping costs with E-Mail RSVP (pretty please?).  UPS is NOT available.

Shipping Estimates(Domestic USA):   Sunday Fulls  Up to 8 - about $10,  Each additional 10 add $2 or $3 /  Halfs or Tabs:  Up to 10 - about $7 ,  Each additional 20 add $2 or $3  / Dailies: 6 or more sets - $5.00     

Shipping Estimates(Non USA):  Sunday Fulls: $25-$35  / Smaller Packages: $15-$25

Shipping Discount on orders over $100:  -$10-Off shipping charge  for each $100 of merchandise ordered  in any single order.  Discount is applied to the shipping only.  Discount in excess of the actual shipping amount is not applied to the prices of the ordered merchandise.  Discount applies to a single order and does not accrue on multiple orders.   Discount does apply to orders which combines merchandise from and .

Money Back Guarantee - If for any reason, you are not satisfied with any item, simply return it for a full refund.  No partial return of lots sold as a single item number (see my hokey numbering system) without prior OK from me.

Mailing Flat vs. Folded.  Orders are mailed Flat in reinforced Packaging.     I may be able to soft-fold fulls to save on shipping if they are supple enough.  This is of special interest on US-Foreign orders.  Flat Full-Size packages are considered Large Packages for foreign shipping which really increases the shipping price.  Unfortunately some Fulls are just too delicate to soft-fold.   Now, If you ask, I can hard-fold fulls in half to save on shipping,   but that essentially means damaging the pages.  In that case the money back guarantee is voided on those items.

Sorry, I do not offer free pics of the comics.


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