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Seein' Stars by Feg Murray (1260-) 1st Color Sunday Sept 11, 1938- Frederic (Feg) Murray was an early hollywood beat writer and radio show MC in the 1930's.  In an era when multi-medium was necessary for success, Feg expanded into the comic pages with his offering Seein' Stars.  Beautifully drawn, this strip was an insight into the personal lives of the stage and screen stars of the day.  The format of the strip was a single panel with multi-scenes where space was available.   There was always a central character who got the attention of the reader, similar to the format that Ripley's Believe it or Not used.   The strip began as a Black and White sunday and was usually found in on the entertainment page of the newspaper.   In 1938 it found it's way into the sunday comics section as a full-color feature.    The strip participated in the premium era with it's offering of Comic Stamps of the Stars.  The market for Seein Stars is quite good and on the upswing.   Offered primarily as half-size or smaller, this strip has sales appeal both for the comic collector and for the movie buff.  As such, the pages with Hollywood's brightest stars sell best and command modest premiums.   Also the pages which have those comic stamps uncut command a modest premium.    Note the a special premium is placed on the Wizard of Oz opening strip.
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Sunday Comics

Item # Date-#-size* Condition* Price Notes
S1260-0001 1937/08 - 5Q BW G/G/G $5.00 Featuring Jean Hersholt, Fanchon Simon, Marlene Dietrichm Charles Ruggles, Joe E Brown
S1260-0002 1938/05 - 5Q BW G/G/G $5.00 Featuring Ginger Rogers, Deanna Durbin, Buster Crabbe, Snow White & 7 Dwarfs, Clark Gable, Shirley Temple, Joel McCrea, Loretta Young
S1260-0003 1938/09/11 - F G/G/VG $25.00 Half on Full w/Colgate ad(H), 1st Color Sunday, featuring Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster, Sonja Henie, Joe May, on reverse Thimble Theatre by Elzie Segar(F)
S1260-0004 1938/10/02 - H G/G/G $6.00 Featuring Norma Shearer, Tyrone Power, Johnny Weismuller, Olivia De Havilland, On reverse Ming Foo(TH)
S1260-0005 1938/10/23 - F FR/FR/G $4.00 Half on Full w/Tea ad(H), Featuring Eleanor Powell, Clark Gable, Dopey from Snow White, on reverse Barney Google by Billy DeBeck(F)
S1260-0006 1938/10/30 - H G/G/G $6.00 Featuring Betty Grable, C. Aubrey Smith, Ronald Colman, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, On reverse Bunky(TH)
S1260-0007 1938/11/06 - H G/G/G $6.00 Featuring Dorothy Lamour, Deanna Durbin, Jackie Cooper, Norma Shearer, Ricardo Cortez, On reverse Sappo(TH)
S1260-0008 1938/11/20 - H G/G/G $6.00 Featuring Nelson Eddy, Jeanette Mac Donald, Robert Taylor, Vharlie Vhaplin, Donald Duck, On reverse Sappo(TH)
S1260-0009 1938/11/27 - F G/G/VG $6.00 Half on Full w/Tea ad(H), Featuring Joan Crawford, Basil Rathbone, Danielle Darrieux, on reverse Thimble Theatre by Doc Winner(F)
S1260-0010 1938/12/11 - H FR-G/FR-G/G $4.00 Featuring Jean Parker, Hedy Lamarr, James Whale, Richard Barthelmess, On reverse Bunky(TH)
S1260-0011 1938/12/18 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Loretta Young, Sonja Henie, Charles Bickford, on reverse Sappo(TH)
S1260-0012 1938/12/25 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Joan Crawford, Basil Rathbone, Jean Negulsesco, William Wellman, on reverse Sappo(TH)
S1260-0013 1939/01/08 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Alice Fay, Lupe Velez, on reverse Sappo(TH)
S1260-0014 1939/01/15 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Ruby Keeler, Don Ameche, Shirley Temple, on reverse Sappo(TH)
S1260-0015 1939/01/22 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring James Cagney, John Carradine, Madeleine Carroll, Walt Disney, Shirley Temple, on reverse Sappo(TH)
S1260-0016 1939/01/29 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Mickey Rooney, Eleanor Powell, Will Rogers, Erroll Flynn, on reverse Little Annie Rooney, on reverse Col. Potterby(TH)
S1260-0017 1939/02/05 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Joan Crawford, Chester Morris, Maria Ouspenskaya, on reverse Tim Tyler's Luck
S1260-0018 1939/02/12 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Betty Grable, Tyrone Power, King Kong, Conway Tearle, on reverse Col Potterby(TH)
S1260-0019 1939/02/19 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Clark Gable, Deanna Durbin, Madelein Carroll, Mickey Mouse, on reverse Little Annie Rooney
S1260-0020 1939/03/12 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Clark Gable, Norma Shearer, Ginger Rogers, on reverse Little Annie Rooney
S1260-0021 1939/03/19 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Fanny Brice, Hugh Herbert, Errol Flynn, Constance Bennett, Delores Del Rio, on reverse Tim Tyler's Luck
S1260-0022 1939/04/02 - H G/G/G $6.00 Featuring Wallace Beery, Marlene Dietrich, Al Jolson, Donald Duck, on reverse Col. Potterby(TH)
S1260-0023 1939/04/09 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Jane Withers, Johnny Weismuller, Maxie Rosenbloom, on reverse Ripley's Believe it or Not
S1260-0024 1939/04/16 - H G-VG/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Al Jolson, Joan Blondell, Anita Luise, on reverse Tim Tyler's Luck
S1260-0025 1939/04/23 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Shirley Temple, C.Aubrey Smith, Martin Goodrider, Anita Louise, on reverse Col. Potterby(TH)
S1260-0026 1939/05/14 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Jean Harlow, Hedy Lamarr, George O'Brien, Edward Ellis, on reverse Col. Potterby(TH)
S1260-0027 1939/05/21 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Walter Brennan, Dorothy Lamour, Maureen O'Sullivan, Clark Gable, no reverse
S1260-0028 1939/06/04 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring William Powell, Dick Powell, Eleanor Powell, Art Miles, Fred McMurray, Claudette Colbert, Ginger Rogers, on reverse Col. Potterby(TH)
S1260-0029 1939/06/18 - H VG/VG/G $6.00 Featuring Gloria Stuart, Ginger Rogers, George Raft, on reverse Little Annie Rooney
S1260-0030 1939/06/25 - H VG/VG/G $6.00 Featuring Lionel Barrymore, Joan Blondell, Joe E. Brown, Shirley Temple, Robert Taylor, on reverse Tillie the Toiler
S1260-0031 1939/07/02 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Grace Moore, Nat Pendleton, Ned Sparks, Marlene Dietrich, on reverse Hall of Fame of the Air (bottom-cut)
S1260-0032 1939/07/09 - H VG/VG/G $6.00 Featuring Jean Arthur, Donald Crisp, Shirley Temple, Chief Thundercloud, no reverse
S1260-0033 1939/08/06 - H VG/VG/G $6.00 Featuring Errol Flynn, Madelein Carroll, Alice Faye, Shirley Temple, no reverse
S1260-0034 1939/08/13 - H VG/VG/G $40.00 Featuring Wizard of Oz cast in Costume, Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, Bert Lahr, no reverse
S1260-0035 1939/08/20 - H VG/VG/G $6.00 Featuring Rudolph Valentino, Carole Lombard, Leo Carrillo, on reverse Toots & Casper
S1260-0036 1939/08/27 - H VG/VG/G $6.00 Featuring Gary Cooper, Bette Davis, Shirley Temple, Sonja Heine, Mae West, no reverse
S1260-0037 1939/09/03 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Penny Singleton, Wallace Beery, Jane Withers, Peter Lorre, Joe Penner, on reverse Toots & Casper
S1260-0038 1939/09/10 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Olivia DeHavilland, Nigel Bruce, Alice Faye, on reverse Barney Google
S1260-0039 1939/09/17 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Alice Faye, Steffi Duna, Thomas Edison, on reverse Toots & Casper
S1260-0040 1939/09/24 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Sandra Henville, Clara Bow, Fredric March, June Lang, on reverse Tippie
S1260-0041 1939/10/01 - H FR-G/FR-G/VG $4.00 Featuring Ona Munson, George Raft, Dick Powell, Anna May, on reverse Toots and Casper(H)
S1260-0041 1939/10/08 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Greta Garbo, Sonja Heine, Harpo Marx, on reverse Sappo(TH)
S1260-0042 1939/10/15 - H G/G/G $6.00 Featuring Oliver Hardy, Paulette Goddard, on reverse Col Potterby(TH)
S1260-0043 1939/10/22 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Isa Miranda, Ilona Massey, Robert Taylor, Nat Pendleton, Lionel Barrymore, on reverse Ripley's Believe it or Not
S1260-0044 1939/10/29 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Pancho Villa, Zorina, Frank Morgan, on reverse Sappo(TH)
S1260-0045 1939/11/05 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Boris Karloff, Ann Sheridan, John Loder, Loretta Young, on reverse Sappo(TH)
S1260-0046 1939/11/12 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Shirley Temple, Robert Preston, Dorothy Lamour, Adolphe Menjou, on reverse Tippie
S1260-0047 1939/11/19 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Dolores Del Rio, Maureen O'Sullivan, Pat O'Brien, on reverse Tippie
S1260-0048 1939/11/26 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Charles Laughton, Mae Marsh, Dorothy Mackaill, Milton Sills, on reverse Tippie
S1260-0049 1939/12/03 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Claudette Colbert, Walter Pidgeon, Nelson Eddy, Fred Astaire, Buster Keaton, on reverse Sentinel Louie
S1260-0050 1939/12/10 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Lana Turner, Tyrone Power, Sonja Heine, on reverse Sappo(TH)
S1260-0051 1939/12/17 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Gene Autry, Eleanor Powell, Fred Astaire, Jean Arthur, no reverse
S1260-0052 1939/12/24 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Disney's Pinocchio, Shirley Temple, Ginger Rogers, Adolphe Menjou, on reverse Toots & Casper
S1260-0053 1939/12/31 - H VG/VG/VG $6.00 Featuring Jimmy Cagney, Joan Blondell, Jack Holt, Peter B. Good, on reverse Toots & Casper
S1260-0054 1940/01/07 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Brian Donlevy, Jeanette Mac Donald, Dolores Del Rio, C. Aubrey Smith, on reverse Toots & Casper
S1260-0055 1940/01/14 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Deanne Durbin, Cesar Romero, Phil Regan, Claudette Colbert, Leslie Howard, on reverse Toots & Casper
S1260-0056 1940/01/28 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Sonja Henie, Vincent Price, Rudy Vallee, WC Fields, on reverse Ripley's Believe it or Not
S1260-0057 1940/02/04 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Charlie McCarthy, Ann Rutherford, Helen Hayes, Reginald Denny, on reverse Sentinel Louie
S1260-0058 1940/02/11 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Claudette Colbert, Greta Garbo, Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich, Orson Welles, on reverse Toots & Casper
S1260-0059 1940/02/18 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Merle Oberon, Clark Gable, George Murphy, Fred Astaire, on reverse Toots & Casper
S1260-0060 1940/02/25 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Nelson Eddy, Lupe Velez, Erik Blore, On reverse Sappo by Bela Zaboly
S1260-0061 1940/03/03 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Linda Darnell, Olympe Bradna, Harpo Marx, Cecil B. De Mille, on reverse Toots & Casper
S1260-0062 1940/03/10 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Bing Crosby, Miriam Hopkins, William Wellman, William Wyler, Ann Sothern, on reverse Toots & Casper
S1260-0063 1940/03/17 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Clark Gable, Barnaova, Harold Lloyd, on reverse Sappo(TH)
S1260-0064 1940/03/24 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Walter Brennan, Jane Wyman,  Harry Carey, on reverse Sappo(TH)
S1260-0065 1940/03/31 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Anna Neagle, Ray Milland, Howard Hill, John Payne, David Niven, on reverse Tippie
S1260-0066 1940/04/07 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Alice Faye, Dorothy Lamour, Albert Dekker, Gene Autry, on reverse Toots & Casper
S1260-0067 1940/04/14 - H G/G/VG $8.00 Featuring Judy Garland, Richard Greene, on reverse Toots & Casper
S1260-0068 1940/04/21 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Edward Arnold, Colleen Moore, Ellen Drew, on reverse Barney Google
S1260-0069 1940/04/28 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Vivien Leigh, Mary Healy, on reverse Toots & Casper
S1260-0070 1940/05/05 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Brenda Marshall, Forrest Tucker, Alice Faye, on reverse Tippie
S1260-0071 1940/05/12 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Zorina, Spencer TRacy, Nancy Kelly, on reverse Bunky
S1260-0072 1940/05/19 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Errol Flynn, Jeanette Mac Donald, June Preisser, no reverse
S1260-0073 1940/05/26 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Laraine Day, John Barrymore, on reverse Tippie
S1260-0074 1940/06/09 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Hal Roach, Brenda Joyce, George O'Brien, Johnny Apollo, on reverse Donald Duck
S1260-0075 1940/06/16 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Ann Miller, Edward Arnold, Lew Ayres, on reverse Family Portraits
S1260-0076 1940/06/23 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Alan Hale, Cary Grant, Linda Darnell, on reverse Family Portraits
S1260-0077 1940/06/30 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Ginger Rogers, Roy Rogers, Jean Hersholt, on reverse Tippie
S1260-0078 1940/07/07 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Mickey Rooney, Edward G. Robinson, Montagu Love, on reverse Blondie
S1260-0079 1940/07/14 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Dorothy Lamour, Ann Sothern, Billy Gilbert, on reverse Family Portraits
S1260-0080 1940/07/14 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Dorothy Lamour, Ann Sothern, Billy Gilbert, on reverse Family Portraits
S1260-0081 1940/07/28 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Miles Mander. Gloria Jean, Phyllis Brooks, No reverse
S1260-0082 1940/08/04 - H G/G/G $6.00 Featuring Mary Beth Hughes, Jon Hall, Bette Davis, On reverse Dinglehoofer(TH)
S1260-0083 1940/08/11 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Rita Hayworth, Bob Montgomery, Irene Dunne, Allan Jones, on reverse Dinglehoofer(TH)
S1260-0084 1940/08/18 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Rudolph Valentino, Virginia Grey, Bette Davis, on reverse Tippie
S1260-0085 1940/08/25 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Lucille Ball, Joan Crawford, Johnny Weismuller, Robert Preston, on reverse Blondie
S1260-0086 1940/09/01 - H G/G/VG $6.00 Featuring Francesco Santoro, Alan Mowbry, Charles Laughton, on reverse Dinglehoofer(TH)
S1260-0087 1940/09/29 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #4(Clark Gable), Olivia DeHavilland, Irene Dunne, Gary Cooper, Ronald Colmen, on reverse The Gumps(T)
S1260-0088 1940/11/10 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #10(Sonja Henie), Mary Martin, Tim Holt, Margaret Lindsay, Gale Sondergaard, on reverse The Gumps(T)
S1260-0089 1940/12/15 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #15(Gary Cooper), Laird Cregar, Ann Miller, Wallace Beery,  No reverse
S1260-0090 1940/12/29 - H G/G/G $7.00 Featuring Stamp #17(Robert Taylor), Linda Darnell, Cary Grant, Ralph Bellamy, Margaret Sullavan,  On reverse Toots & Casper(H)
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