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Winsor McCay Editorials by Arthur Brisbane & Winsor McCay (1580-) - Political influences had long been part of the satire in Winsor McCay's daily and Sunday Comics offerings such as Little Nemo and Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend.   It should have been no surprise when McCay teamed up with the premier political and social analyst of the day, Arthur Brisbane, to create stirring political editorial pages.   The combination of Brisbane's words and McCays surreal illustrations made for pages which are second-to-none.   There is chicken/egg debate on who chose the subjects, in all probability both contributed to the weekly themes.   Together, they gave a never-before-seen conscience to the sunday news and became a blueprint for future editorial pages.    The market for these pages is quite good.  Offered almost exclusively and black-and-white fulls, collectors will pay a premium for most any of these.   McCay's illustrations on these have been reprinted quite often making some of these more readily recognizable - those are usually the higher premium pages. (56)

Sunday Comics

Item # Date-#-size* Condition* Price Notes
S1580-0001 1919/07/20 - F BW FR/FR/FR $7.00 'Man's Greatest Enemy', no reverse
S1580-0002 1927/11/06 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'They will work, wake them', no reverse
S1580-0003 1927/11/13 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'Hideous Mongolian Brutality', no reverse
S1580-0004 1927/11/20 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'Power - The Magic Word', no reverse
S1580-0005 1927/11/27 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'If youth only knew', no reverse
S1580-0048 1928/01/22 - F BW G/G/G $12.00 'What is Man?', no reverse
S1580-0049 1928/02/12 - F BW G/G/G $12.00 'Sin Punishes Always', no reverse
S1580-0006 1928/08/12 - F BW VG/VG/VG $24.00 'Retribution, old and new', no reverse
S1580-0007 1928/08/19 - F BW VG/VG/VG $24.00 'Three enemies inside of us', no reverse
S1580-0008 1928/08/26 - F BW VG/VG/VG $24.00 'Keep off the Flypaper', no reverse
S1580-0050 1928/10/07 - F BW G/G/G $12.00 'Climbing the Tree Igdrasil', no reverse
S1580-0051 1928/10/28 - F BW G/G/G $12.00 'Three Towers of Man', no reverse
S1580-0009 1928/11/04 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'Hope and some apothegms', no reverse
S1580-0010 1928/11/18 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'Gold is good, Iron better', no reverse
S1580-0011 1928/11/25 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'What could happen - and would', no reverse
S1580-0012 1929/04/14 - F BW FR/FR/FR $5.00 'This is the real Fight', no reverse
S1580-0013 1930/07/27 - F BW P/P/FR $3.00 'The Greatest is Charity', no reverse
S1580-0014 1930/12/07 - F BW G/G/G $12.00 'Three Really Bad Words', no reverse
S1580-0015 1931/05/03 - F BW G/FR-G/G $12.00 'A Child can lead a Giant', no reverse
S1580-0016 1931/05/10 - F BW G/FR-G/G $12.00 'Books and their use', no reverse
S1580-0017 1931/05/17 - F BW G/FR-G/G $12.00 'Brutality and its Conquerors', no reverse
S1580-0018 1931/05/24 - F BW G/FR-G/G $12.00 'None of us liveth to himself', no reverse
S1580-0019 1931/05/31 - F BW G/FR-G/G $12.00 'Decoration Day - Harvest Day', no reverse
S1580-0052 1932/04/03 - F BW G/G/G $24.00 McCay's Last Dinosaur? 'Bodies too big, Heads too small', no reverse
S1580-0053 1932/04/10 - F BW G/G/G $12.00 'Who Carries the Load? Woman.', no reverse
S1580-0054 1932/04/17 - F BW G/G/G $12.00 'The Tax Juggernaut', no reverse
S1580-0055 1932/05/01 - F BW G/G/G $12.00 'Shooting at the dollar', no reverse
S1580-0020 1932/07/03 - F BW VG/VG/VG $24.00 'Each has his own world', no reverse
S1580-0021 1932/07/17 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'Ambition + Moderation = Success', no reverse
S1580-0022 1932/07/24 - F BW VG/VG/VG $24.00 'The Universe Beyond us', no reverse
S1580-0023 1932/07/31 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'The Beatitudes, in 1932', no reverse
S1580-0024 1932/11/06 - F BW G/G/G $12.00 'What is the matter with him?', no reverse
S1580-0025 1932/11/13 - F BW FR-G/FR-G/G $10.00 'For Your Comfort, consider this?', no reverse
S1580-0026 1932/11/20 - F BW G/G/G $12.00 'The greatest army has 26 Soldiers', no reverse
S1580-0027 1932/11/27 - F BW G/G/G $12.00 'Do you like this picture?', no reverse
S1580-0028 1933/07/02 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'O Say, Can you See?', no reverse
S1580-0029 1933/07/09 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'Your life is one day', no reverse
S1580-0030 1933/07/16 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'Light rules - not shadows', no reverse
S1580-0031 1933/07/23 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'Uncle Sam, Schoolmaster', no reverse
S1580-0032 1933/07/30 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'First - how easy, last - how hard', no reverse
S1580-0033 1933/08/06 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'Thus is has been for ages', no reverse
S1580-0034 1933/08/13 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'Not too much, not too little', no reverse
S1580-0035 1933/08/20 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'Religion and science', no reverse
S1580-0036 1933/08/27 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'Government and the NRA', no reverse
S1580-0037 1933/09/03 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'Most awful word - eternity', no reverse
S1580-0038 1933/09/10 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'Again - what is courage?', no reverse
S1580-0039 1933/09/17 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'Earth's one great pursuit', no reverse
S1580-0040 1933/09/24 - F BW VG/VG/VG $12.00 'Thinking - what is it?', no reverse
S1580-0041 1934/01/07 - F BW G/G/G $12.00 'Greatest Earthly Power', no reverse
S1580-0042 1934/01/07 - F BW G/G/G $12.00 'One Year and Family', no reverse
S1580-0043 1934/04/01 - F BW FR-G/FR-G/G $10.00 'Easter, Day of Hope', no reverse
S1580-0044 1934/05/06 - F BW G/FR-G/VG $12.00 'Japan, her back to the wall', no reverse
S1580-0045 1934/05/13 - F BW G/FR-G/VG $12.00 'The Giants Parade', no reverse
S1580-0046 1934/05/20 - F BW G/FR-G/VG $12.00 'Men must worship something', no reverse
S1580-0047 1934/05/27 - F BW G/FR-G/VG $12.00 'The Smoke and Fire of War', no reverse
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by Winsor McCay - Misc

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